Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association

GETCA 2021

Feb. 25-26, 2021 |Edmonton, AB

Our 2021 GETCA convention will be a virtual convention. Some important information for this year specifically: The online program is available at the Sched link below. Formal registration on is no longer required for teacher delegates. The Sched site has all of the access points for each of the virtual sessions available this year. The email you use to log into Sched can be any email, but using your school email is recommended. All pre-recoded sessions begin at the same time, but they can be watched 'on demand' at any time throughout convention. Multiple sessions can be 'added to your schedule' at the same time this year because of the pre-recorded availability.

For Teachers

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Convention Purpose

Teachers’ conventions have been established through provincial legislation in the province to provide teachers a forum to renew their professional skills on an annual basis.

The Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention Association develops programs of general interest to teachers at all levels across a broad field of curriculum. Convention planning takes into account the needs of individual teachers to become aware of new knowledge and trends in teaching and school organization, and also their needs to establish and broaden communications with other teachers on matters of professional concern.

The general nature of the convention is emphasized; by choosing programs and frameworks with broad appeal; by retaining keynote speakers whose message will be of interest to a majority of teachers; and, by limiting the influence of external special interest groups.


GETCA is currently working on the 2022 convention schedule.

Pension Interviews

GETCA will not be specifically hosting pension interview times this year.

Please follow the link attached to be directed to the ATRF pension interview booking site. ATRF Pension Interview Link

Out of District Delegates

We would be pleased to consider your application to attend the Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention in 2021. This is a closed convention so all Out of District delegates must be members of the Greater Edmonton Teachers' Association or associate members of the Alberta Teachers' Association.

Click on the link below to register.  Please ensure that all of the fields on the application form are completed accurately and fully. Failing to do so may delay the application process.

The fee to attend Virtual GETCA for Out of District Applicants is $150 plus tax. Please register to sign up and then pay the fee for the conference.

Thank you for your interest in attending this high quality professional development event.

If you have any further questions with regards to Out of District Registration, please email [email protected].

The link for Out of District Registration is here.