Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association

GETCA 2021

Feb. 25-26, 2021 |Edmonton, AB

Speaker Honoraria & Reimbursements

Speaker Guidelines Speaker Honoraria & Reimbursements | Speaker FAQ

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  1. Honorarium 
    1. The standard honoraria for GETCA 2022 are as follows:
      • $200 per 55 - 60 minute session
      • $400 per half-day session
      • $600 per full day session
    2. The ATA requires that the GETCA provide the Edmonton Public School Board, the Edmonton Catholic School District, Fort McMurray Catholic School Board and the Fort McMurray Public School Board with the names of any EPSB, ECSD, FMCSD, and FMPSD  teachers who are speaking at convention and receiving an honorarium.

  2. GST
    1. Good and Services Tax (GST) charged by a Speaker who is being paid to present at GETCA will be honoured only if the Speaker has provided a business registration number to the GETCA.  GST will be paid on the full amount of the honorarium.



    1. Should a contract be offered, the Speaker must provide either (a) a social insurance number or (b) an invoice from a company.  This information will be used as required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to report income. If you have any questions please contact the GETCA Treasurer at [email protected].   Invoices charging GST must include a GST business registration number.
    2. Where multiple Speakers are co-presenting, each individual speaker requesting payment must provide their social insurance number.  Alternatively, one speaker or entity may receive payment for all presenters but the total honourarium will be reported to the CRA as being income received by that individual or entity.
    3. Cheques are provided after a Speaker's final session is completed.  They can be picked up at the Treasurer's booth on the main level of the Shaw Conference Centre.  Cheques that aren't picked up will be mailed after the Event.